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Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Memorial Day

On December 15th in Honor of Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Memorial Day, our tweens and teens were guests in the home of Ted Comet through the organization, Dorot.

He is 94 and has the energy of someone decades younger. He welcomed us into his beautiful apartment filled with art, books and beautiful Jewish objects. Ted spoke to us about the Holocaust and asked the children what they knew about the Holocaust. He explained that his deceased wife was a Holocaust survivor and did not want to talk about her memories of this part of her life until she decided to take a weaving class. After taking a class in weaving, she began making beautiful tapestries. Through these tapestries, she would go deep into her subconscious and would reveal what she was thinking and feeling about her past experiences. Ted showed us her tapestries and went into detail about what each one meant. The children also explained what the tapestries meant to them. After dealing with her own trauma through art and psychoanalysis, his wife chose to go back to school for psychoanalysis after seeing how it helped her. She spent the rest of her life helping other people deal with their trauma. He showed us a video of a talk she gave about how Holocaust survivors are described as victims when they should be called victors. He asked the children many questions and they were inquisitive and totally engaged. He is so proud of his wife and the legacy she left-her beautiful tapestries but also a message to all of us, that we can see something positive come out of the Holocaust. It was a wonderful experience and will have longlasting impact.