At Beineinu we believe George Santayana's quote that "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." We feel monumental moments should be cherished and celebrated. Below are some of our current "life" programs and offerings. Feel free to contact us for more information or if you do not see what your special family needs.

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Bringing new life into the world is nothing short of a miracle. A baby represents hope and endless possibility. Mark this incredible time through a Jewish lens that will hold you in compassion and care. Rabbi Laurie is a trained doula. Doula + rabbi = JEWLA. We will:

  • Walk you through all of the different stages of birth so you can make decisions about your preferences for labor and delivery.

  • Be with you through labor (a personal assistant to you and your partner taking care of ALL of your needs from the waist up)

  • Select a phrase to chant and carry you through labor.

  • Craft a unique blessing for you to recite the first time you hold your baby.

  • Work with you to mark this incredibly special time with a personalized Bris and/or baby naming ceremony to welcome your baby into your community.


It’s time for a new way of thinking! Multiple ways to mark this time in a young person’s life. Explore Jewish culture and Jewish tradition in a variety of meaningful, engaging and fun ways. Personalize ceremony, from traditional to way out of the box. We will:

  • Create a customized pathway that is relevant and meaningful

  • Tailor it around your child’s individual abilities and needs

  • Incorporate your child’s interests and ideas

We feel blessed to have found Rabbi Laurie Phillips and the Beineinu Community. Her joyous, kind, and wise teaching breathes new life into jewish tradition and ritual for us throughout the year — and encourages us to be our best selves.
— Vanessa Adler


This is a critical time for an individual. It is the beginning of launching into full independence and true adulthood. Judaism has something to say. This is a collective and supported opportunity for your junior or senior to cultivate tools so Jewish values and Jewish life will be part of this next phase of her/his life as she/he continues to explore and grow. Mark this time surrounded by your community.


This is a very special time in the life of a couple. It’s important to choose an officiant who will incorporate your ideas and desires into each part of the wedding ceremony. We will:

  • Create a sacred journey to take you to your chuppah/wedding canopy.

  • Design a personalized ceremony reflecting your individual views around partnership, ritual and God.


The more life we live the more life changes/shifts. We experience the full spectrum of ups and downs. Judaism can hold you through all of the wonderful pieces as well as the disappointments and losses. Let me share some of the possibilities with you.