Small group learning opportunities for kids
(informal, hands-on, and interactive)

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Parents/caregivers and children 4 and under

It’s never too early to start! Meet other parents, have fun and engage in Jewish culture with your young child.


  • Parents and children 4 and under.

  • Customized monthly gathering for a small group of families.

  • Explore Shabbat and other holidays, Jewish culture and Hebrew through movement, music, storytelling, art, cooking and more.



Ages 5-12

Creating a strong foundation in Jewish culture, tradition, and ritual, and also going beyond dreidels and challah covers.

Click here to register for a Beineinu Learning Group. 


  • Regular youth only gatherings (no more than 10 kids per group).

  • Meet in people's homes - it's comfortable and way more relaxing and enjoyable. Kids just finished a long day at school. The last thing they want to do is go to (another) school.

  • Customize a program that meets the needs and desires of your children.


Age 13 and up

This is a very highlighted moment for the person becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and his/her parents. How can we mark this significant time in a meaningful way to promote continued engagement afterwards?Pathways can range from traditional (chanting Torah, writing a d’var Torah, leading various prayers) to way out of the box (exploring art, culture, food, history, dance, politics, Israel, storytelling, science, sports, etc.) and any combination.

  • Regular private sessions with a coach (between 45 and 60 minutes).

  • We will work with you from start to finish crafting a pathway that is meaningful, relevant and fulfilling.